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Recap from the 2016 Southwest Wedding Fair

It seems so weird that it's all over, but the 2016 Southwest Wedding Fair is done and dusted.
Now we can sit back and . . . . . . start thinking about 2017.

Here's a few images from the day at Abbey Beach Resort, from Henderson Photographics we hope you get a little sense of how incredible the day truly was.


southwestweddingfair2016 1

southwestweddingfair2016 2southwestweddingfair2016 3southwestweddingfair2016 4southwestweddingfair2016 5

southwestweddingfair2016 6southwestweddingfair2016 7southwestweddingfair2016 8southwestweddingfair2016 9southwestweddingfair2016 10

southwestweddingfair2016 11southwestweddingfair2016 11asouthwestweddingfair2016 11bsouthwestweddingfair2016 12southwestweddingfair2016 13southwestweddingfair2016 14southwestweddingfair2016 15

southwestweddingfair2016 16southwestweddingfair2016 17southwestweddingfair2016 18southwestweddingfair2016 19southwestweddingfair2016 20

southwestweddingfair2016 22southwestweddingfair2016 23southwestweddingfair2016 24southwestweddingfair2016 25

southwestweddingfair2016 26southwestweddingfair2016 28southwestweddingfair2016 29southwestweddingfair2016 30

southwestweddingfair2016 31

southwestweddingfair2016 33southwestweddingfair2016 34southwestweddingfair2016 35southwestweddingfair2016 36southwestweddingfair2016 37southwestweddingfair2016 38

southwestweddingfair2016 39southwestweddingfair2016 40

southwestweddingfair2016 41southwestweddingfair2016 42southwestweddingfair2016 45southwestweddingfair2016 46southwestweddingfair2016 47

southwestweddingfair2016 49southwestweddingfair2016 50southwestweddingfair2016 51southwestweddingfair2016 52southwestweddingfair2016 53southwestweddingfair2016 54southwestweddingfair2016 55

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