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Wedding Talk With Christine Gordon, Celebrant

Here at CTCW, we’re well-aware of just how many wedding celebrants there are in our beautiful Southwest. LOTS!

It’s why we choose to work with only a select few. We’ve decided to promote celebrants that have a minimum of
* professionalism
* warmth
* sense of humour
* genuine pleasure in serving others
* a love for joining people together in matrimony.

Christine Gordon, is one such person. She is one of the warmest women I’ve ever met. Genuinely. When you talk to her over the phone, you get a sense that she is kind and helpful, but it’s when you meet her in person that you truly appreciate how lovely she is.

So we thought we’d sit her down and quiz her on a few aspects about being a marriage celebrant. We believe that after reading this, you’ll get a sense of how delightful Christine really is.

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C Gordon 2

Name of your business and number of staff that work for you?
Christine Gordon Civil Celebrant and it’s just me

Date you started the business?
November 2013

What was the core of your business when you started?
My business started with nothing except the desire to be a civil celebrant.

Where do you service in the Region?
I work in and around the South West from Bunbury districts to Augusta in the South, and Collie to the East.

When looking at the wedding industry as a whole, in locally/nationally/globally, where do you think the Southwest sits?
I particularly love beach weddings especially around the Meelup (Dunsborough) area where everything is so photogenic, with beautiful natural surroundings.

I believe the South West is very strong in the wedding industry, thanks to businesses like Coast to Country weddings, who promote the area and industry so well. People from Perth love to come down this way to get out of the city, visit the beaches and wineries and generally relax, with no pressure!

One trend I would like to see develop in the Downsouth is Winter weddings, there is so much potential in the rural areas of the Southwest, that just don’t include the coastline.

Picture this! A stone house, cottage, winery, hotel/motel that have feature fireplaces, polished wood floors, antique furniture/modern facilities. Beautifully set tables with chandeliers, crystal table settings, copious amounts of flowers, the beautiful wedding gown with a warm stole, I could go on forever!

I would love to do Winter weddings. It is a season where most venues are dormant, so to push for this would be amazing.

What is your all-time favourite month for weddings, year in and year out?
My favourite month is definitely November, the weather is neither too hot nor cold. It’s just perfect.

If you got married in the next 12 months, what would be your number one priority/expense?
If I got married in the next 12 months, depending on my budget, I would probably go for a beach wedding and put the money saved from a simple set up into a great reception at a picturesque venue, and mouth-watering food, beautiful table settings, lots of flowers, and of course awesome cocktails.

What does marriage mean to you?
Marriage to me is spending the rest of your life with your soul mate, to marry a person who accepts you the way you are in all areas of your life, this is a gift, and I wish every couple I marry experiences this kind of life.

What is the best piece of marriage advice you have ever heard or been given personally?
The best advice I was given was to ‘Think before you speak’, it has got me out of a few arguments over the years.

Five things that you carry with you on every job, big or small?
Five things I carry with me;
* legal documents
* audio equipment
* tissues
* spare batteries
* lipstick.

C Gordon 1

All enquiries to Christine Gordan via here.

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