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Why DO People Wear Animal Masks To Their Wedding?

Photo by Shannon Stent Images

So . . . . What is the idea behind animal masks at weddings?

It’s been a ‘thing’ over the past decade or so, to see some modern brides and grooms wear animal masks for some of their formal wedding photos, at their engagement shoots, with their wedding parties, on the dancefloor and even in some woods. Although we think it’s kind of cute, we also wondered if it wasn’t also a little weird?

I mean, why DO people wear animal masks to their wedding? We couldn’t help ourselves – we had to investigate, and here’s what we discovered . . . .

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As we all know, masks are a massive part of almost every culture – Asia, Africa, European, South American, Islander – historically and culturally, they can be found in every corner of the globe. From Ancient times to modern usage they have been used to define certain elements of each culture;
* Kings
* villains
* animals
* Queens
* women
* gods, demigods, nymphs, ogres, trolls, etc.

They’ve also been used to represent emotions such as love, lust, envy & greed, and this is where it all turns a little bit unusual. You see – animals masks are then used to represent the actions that we don’t want to admit to seeing in ourselves; betrayal, murder, seduction, witchcraft, etc

BlakeneyPhoto by Blakeney Photography

As an example, in Japanese culture there is a character called Kitsune, who is a fox that invades the body of a young woman and seduces a young man into marriage. Varying outcomes include children born with ethereal talents, the man being sent home in shame to his village, the disappearance of the ‘wife’ after a child is born . . . but essentially they all relate that the fox mask is used to sexually corrupt the young man.

This characteristic of an animal mask – representing sex to gain power over another – is also used in popular culture such as in films like “Eyes Wide Shut” and “The Shining”.

There’s also the quite famous latex horse head mask that has been around since 2003, that just ‘pops up’ in the weirdest locals – at a baseball game, meeting Barack Obama, marrying a lioness!!!

So you can see what I mean, about the mask trend at weddings being a little weird!?!

Of course, a lot of couples these days have no notion of the history or origin of these masks and probably include them in their special day simply because they’re cute . . . or funny! There might even be the slightest chance that they’ve seen the iconic movie, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.

Who knows!

 Breakfast at Tiffanys

We just found the whole trend interesting and wanted to share what we discovered. I hope you feel a little more enlightened – we certainly do.


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