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Pop Up Weddings for 2017 in Southwest of WA

Although we'll always be partial to the 'trends' that come in and out of fashion in the Wedding Industry, we have to admit that there's one that's been around for about the last half dozen years that we're keen to see stick around for a little while longer.

Pop Up Weddings !!!

We really love to hear about couples who have a wedding that's a little different and . . . as no two pop up weddings could ever be the same, we think that they're an amazing way to tie the knot.

So exactly how does one arrange a pop up wedding? We decided to ask a couple of professionals that we know in the industry, and they gave us some totally fantastic info.

kisspopupweddings 1

Pop Up Dates that are happening in 2017 . . . .

18 FebruaryMeelup Beach (in the shade of the trees with beach in the background), KISS Pop-Up Weddings
18 March – Jalbrook Estate, Balingup, KISS Pop-Up Weddings
31 March - Knotting Hill Wines, Margaret River, Anita Revel Celebrant
1 April – St Aidan Winery, Ferguson Valley, KISS Pop-Up Weddings
28 April - Boranup Forest, Anita Revel Celebrant
21 October – Rocky Point Beach, Bunbury, KISS Pop-Up Weddings
25 November – St Mark’s Park, Bunbury, KISS Pop-Up Weddings
? December - Margaret River (TBA), Anita Revel Celebrant
29 DecemberMeelup Beach, KISS Pop-Up Weddings


1. What are the legal requirements?
Anita Revel
. . . . Just like any regular marriage ceremony, you will need to lodge a NOIM (Nomination Of Intended Marriage) form & bring two witnesses to sign the register (who over the age of 18 and speak English - NB, we can provide witnesses if you’re eloping).

2. WHO has a Pop-Up?

KISS Pop-Up . . . . We’re finding about half of our couples mention the convenience of not having to organise anything themselves is their main reason for choosing a Pop-Up Wedding, most don’t want anything too big, while an affordable price certainly helps with most.

3. Can it really be as simple as to turn up?

Anita Revel . . . . Yes! You need to lodge your NOIM form at least one calendar month prior, but that’s the only limitation with regards to “time”. 

KISS Pop-Up . . . . Nearly all couples mention afterwards that those around them were asking why they weren’t stressing or busy organising something and they enjoyed telling everyone it was all done for them.

4. How many guests can we have?

Anita Revel . . . . There is space for a maximum of 10 guests (not including babies in arms).

5. Can we nominate our own ceremony location or reception venue?

KISS Pop-Up . . . . Couples are more than welcome to have the convenience of their ceremony organised for them, with their wedding on their chosen date & at their chosen location - with our "Private Ceremony" packages.

6. How long does a pop-up wedding go for?
Anita Revel . . . . All of our couples enjoy an hour each - which is made up of a 20 minute ceremony, additional 20 minutes of photography, and 30 minutes of finger-food and toasting champers.

 popupweddings 2

If a popup wedding is not your what you are looking for but rather an intimate small wedding e.g elopement the other choice is Margaret River Elopements, where they can organise a package for you with accommodation, flowers, makeup, hair and a celebrant. All you have to do is rock up with your frock and suit, do the paperwork with your ceremony and its all ready to go.

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