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Wedding Talk With Di Moore, Celebrant,

A wedding celebrant is such a ‘personal’ element of your wedding . . . and it’s not just because it’s a living, breathing person. The celebrant at your wedding is SO much more than a officiant to your nuptials, they are in fact the person who represents all that you feel about each other – to everyone else present.

They guide what you say and promise, they include your friends and family in the ceremony, they include all the essential words and they ensure that you remember to say what you really want to say to each other.

That’s quite an important role, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here at Coast To Country Weddings, we only like to work with and recommend celebrants that we believe are incredible. Like Di Moore.

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Name of your business?
The Owl and The Pussycat Celebrations

Diane Moore

Date you started the business?
2012 first wedding on Bunker Bay Beach October 26th.
I have just officiated my 100th wedding!

Di Moore 2

I love my job so much. More than I could have ever imagined when I did my training.

As I am a lover of people . . . in all shapes, sizes, cultures and ages . . . being a celebrant at any of life’s ceremonies is an opportunity to connect with so many different people and help them to experience one of the most significant days of their life.

I have always loved stories, talking and writing and being a celebrant I get to do all of these and more.

I believe there is no formula or rules for falling in love hence why I chose the poem The Owl and The Pussycat as my theme for my business. Love is an adventure for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Where do you service in the Region?
The area I mostly work in is the Southwest region from Augusta to Busselton but I have also done ceremonies in Perth and the region around Pemberton, Nannup, Ferguson Valley. If clients are prepared to pay travel/accommodation costs I will go anywhere!!!
My first ever ceremony was in the hills overlooking Tuscany in Italy where I renewed the vows for 3 couples.

What is your all-time favourite month for weddings, year in and year out?
Every season has its merits and if couples plan for that they can make the most of the rain, the sunshine and everything in between. It’s about going with the mood that nature offers.

So many couples don’t have an alternative (backup) ceremony venue, believing “It won’t rain. I just believe that it won’t rain on my wedding day”. This isn’t a very practical attitude, as we all appreciate that none of us can control nature. My advice? Be prepared!

I do hate the flies which come at end of Oct till Jan. They’re bad for photos and especially awful while saying your vows!!!

Do Moore 4

Is there a service, product or natural resource that you think is genuinely unique and actually cool about our Southwest, and that makes Southwest weddings the best?
I think the natural environment is like no other as we have beaches, cliffs, caves, forest, vineyards, farms ...where does one stop?!?
The light here is very special and not only can we see the sun rise and set over the ocean but also the moon.

What do you love about the wedding scene in the Southwest?
I love the networking that goes on between suppliers and I believe everyone is very professional and works to a high standard for their clients.

In your experience in this whole industry, what do you think is the most underrated element of a wedding celebration?
I believe the ceremony is of utmost importance as it is, after all, the reason the couple are there - to be legally married. The content is so important as it individualises the ceremony and also sets the tone for the whole celebration.

Have you ever been asked a question by a bride or groom, that left you gob smacked?
“Can we have a discount?”, and they’ve just forked out $1500 for the flowers!!!

If you got married in the next 12 months, what would be your number one priority?
Making sure that those I love were there to share my joy.

What is your all-time favourite location for a wedding in the whole Southwest?
That is such a hard one because there are so many different factors that make somewhere a great location - the weather, time of day, relevance to the couple, size of wedding and so on.

However, I do love to do elopements on the coast in small rocky coves such as Curtis Bay, Castle Rock, etc. I’ve also married couples deep in the Boranup Forest with that amazing karri canopy swaying above us.

What does marriage mean to you?
It’s public recognition that you want to make a life commitment to another human that you will do your best to laugh with them, cry with them and walk beside them in life as long as you both shall live.

What is the best piece of marriage advice you have ever heard or been given personally?
Be the best person you can for the other, rather than wanting them to be the best for you. Know that your happiness depends on you not your partner.

Don’t go into marriage thinking you can change the other.

Five things that you carry with you on every job, big or small?
* A black pen,
* Marriage Register,
* My folder,
* Phone,
* Glasses

Di Moore 3

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