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Wedding Centrepieces - Beach Theme

Beach Themed table styles

These beach themed ideas are simple and all under $35.00 for each table. You can change the colours to suit your colour scheme or make them as you see them.

Make sure you plan well in advance for the materials you will need when making a spring or summer style wedding centerpiece as stores don't always have summery items in store when its winter, as I found out. If you have too ask the store to order the stock in for you or if you see some thing that you want, buy it other wise you may find next time you go to the store it's a discontinued item.

Submitted by Nicole Mallett

Click on any thumbnail image to launch the full-sized photo.

Idea ONE

Hurricane vase beach wedding centerpiece

Fill base of the hurricane vase with beach sand, place candle in centre and spread shells around the candle.



Idea TWO

Bucket and shovel wedding centerpiece

Fill small plastic buckets halfway with sand. Put a small shovel, sand moulds and shells into them.



Red rose petals and beach sand wedding centerpieces

Using a hurricane vase place beach sand in base, place candle in centre sprinkle some silk rose petals around candle ( not to high, remember the candle burns down and you don’t want the petals to catch on fire) get 5 tea light holders to one vase and place some beach sand in base and tea light candle on top. Sprinkle and arrange rose petals around table display.



Sprinkled flower petals wedding centerpiece

Take your tea light holders and place some beach sand in the bottom tea lights on top, spread the tea light holders down the center of the table and sprinkle fresh or artifical petals around. In this display I used red silk rose petals.




Big shell wedding centerpiece

Place a variety of big shells in one long vase. Place under your guests plates some bamboo or grass look placemats.


Idea SIX

Coloured sand wedding centerpiece

Get some coloured sand and fill at different at levels with the colours in your vase then place a tea light candle on top.



Tulle and starfish wedding centerpiece

Using a round vase on stand lay some glass stones in base, place flameless candle in centre ( this is very important to place a flameless candle in the centre, you would hate for the tulle to catch on fire at your wedding) and position some shells and starfish tucked in between the glass and the tulle. If the tulle looks a bit puffy add some glass stones around to weigh down the tulle. As added decorations make some shell favor boxes, see below for details.

Tulle and starfish wedding centrepiece

Idea Eight

Shell weding favour box

Get yourself some craft boxes, a size that you are able to stick your treats in for your guests. Then using a sponge and acrylic paint, dab sponge all over the box. Wrap raffia around box and stick shells to the top.


Idea Nine

Flower weding favour box

Same instructions from shell wedding favour box. Get yourself some craft boxes, a size that you are able to stick your treats in for your guests. Then using a sponge and acrylic paint, dab sponge all over the box. Wrap raffia around box and place a flower in the raffia on top.


Idea Ten

Napkins with decorations

Once your napkin is folded appropriately place a flower, shell or petals in the fold of the napkin what ever complements your centerpiece.


Idea Eleven

Fish in wedding centerpiece

Why not get a nice round fish bowl and place a aquarium theme with real fish with glass stones inside. You may need to hire the fish, otherwise what are you going to do with the fish before and after the wedding.


Tips to making your own beach wedding centerpieces
Keep it Simple. If you arent a creative person, you will be best off using simple centerpieces. It is amazing how much time it takes to make 12 wedding centrepieces if you are not used to it.
Be Organised . As with all wedding planning it pays to be organised. Think about where you are going to buy the vases as well as all the decorations. How will you transport the centerpieces to the ceremony and reception on the day of the wedding?
Practice. Have a practice run before the day. The morning of your wedding is no time to be experimenting with new beach designs.
Guest visibility. Try to make your centerpieces at a height that your guests are going to be able to see across the table.

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