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My Top 5 Tips When You View A Potential Wedding Venue

When you book a venue for your wedding, or any type of party, there are a few tips that will REALLY help you choose, and then plan the decor of your venue. Check out my short video for these tips . . . .


1. Ask if there is a venue map or diagram

2. See the venue from a decorators point of view, and then draw a mud-map

3. Take photos from NUMEROUS angles . . .
* from doorways
* towards doorways
* where windows are located
* where power points are located

4. Edit photos (on PicMonkey or Cava) to show where elements are to be located (i.e. DJ, cake table, etc)

5. Send photos to your suppliers so they EXACTLY what you are talking about


So, I hope that my tips have been of value to you. If they have been, please let your friends know. There are LOTS of couples who just don't know the simple mistakes to avoid.

FYI . . . a couple of extra tips.
1. Bring a measuring tape and write down (on your mud-map) the distancce between windows, doors, power points, etc
2. Take a video walking from the entrance and around the venue - it will help you remember small details