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Wedding Centrepieces - Flowers Theme

Flower themed centrepieces

Would you like to use flowers in your centerpieces? These ideas are in-expensive and easy for you to make yourself including bouquets, floating flowers and single stems. Just combine these steps with your imagination.
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Idea ONE
Mix of Flowers

Create a table bouquet with a mix of flowers. Purchase loose stems of various types of flowers from your local florist. Place three different flowers and some greenery in a low vase. Tie a simple ribbon, matching your wedding colors, around the vase and place it in the center of the table.

Idea TWO
Floating Flowers & Candles

Float flowers in a clear bowl to create a beautiful centerpiece. Select flowers with large blooms such as gerbers, daisies, roses, cymbidium orchids, chrysanthemums or gardenias. Fill the bowl 3/4 of the way full of water. Cut the flowers very short, leaving less than an inch of stem and float them in bowl. You can also add tea candles around the bowl to light the table. Otherwise scatter petals around the bowl.
Grouped Single Stem

Choose single stems for simple yet elegant centerpieces. Invest in small, artistic vases or glasses that are made to hold just a solitary flower. Place a single stem in each vase or glass and place together in a group on the table. Sprinkle table with glitter or confetti for a more dramatic effect.
grouped_single_stem roses
Single Rose

Sprinkle flower petals over the table instead of making a centerpiece and add a single flower to the guest’s napkin.  This is a simple way to decorate the tables at your wedding reception. You can purchase fresh flowers and petals from your florist, or buy silk petals.
Potted Plant

Buy inexpensive potted plants from your local gardening shop to use as another option for budget centerpieces. Tie a ribbon around each of the pots, and place one in the middle of each table. You can take the plants home or give them to your guests.
Idea SIX
, Driftwood & Cones
Gather up branches, driftwood, leaves or pine cones. Spray them with metallic silver spray paint and arrange in the center of the tables. Add a few tea lights and you have a shimmering centerpiece perfect for a winter wedding. Looks stunning against a black or dark colored tablecloth or table runner
vase of branches
Country Charm

Add some country charm to a simple wedding centerpiece. Use coloured tin pots or watering cans and fill with a bunch of chrsyanthams. Why not make some coloured napkins to tie in with the colour of the pot or watering can. A great simple and cost effective centerpiece for a lunch time wedding!

Tips to making your own wedding flower centerpieces

  • Keep it Simple. If you haven't had any training in floristry, you will be best off using simple yet elegant arrangements. It is amazing how much time it takes to make 12 wedding centrepieces if you are not used to it.
  • Be Organised. As with all wedding planning it pays to be organised. Think about where you are going to buy the vases as well as the flowers. How will you transport the flowers to the ceremony and reception on the day of the wedding?
  • Classic Flowers. Choose classic flowers that will last well once they have been picked. The last thing you want on the day is a room full of your favourite flowers that have all wilted. Roses and lilies are good to work with and last well.
  • Practice. Have a practice run before the day. The morning of your wedding is no time to be experimenting with new floral designs.
  • Guest visibility. Try to make your centerpieces at a height that your guests are going to be able to see across the table.



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