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Sourcing Hire Gear through A Range of Different Suppliers


It's interesting, I had a bride mention to me when she joined the Getting Married Downsouth Facebook Group, that she found it hard and time-consuming when it came to finding furniture hire for her wedding. I can understand this as each business stocks different equipment to suit the market of the type of bride they are targeting or they like to work with a type of furnishing that is either their expertise/style or what is required in the wedding market.

But there are other reasons why one supplier can't have all the stock, you require.

I met with Mel from Cape Events as, her family has been providing furniture and marquee hire Downsouth for the past 10 years. Mel has explained to us why this is the case and ways you can get around sourcing bits and pieces for your wedding.

I'm so happy to share this video with you as it answers the question.

If you would like to read the information, instead of watching the video please see the transcript below.

Nicole Liedermoy
Coast to Country Weddings
Southwest Western Australia Wedding Directory Publisher


Nicole: Hi guys. This is Nicole from Coast Country Weddings, and I'm coming to you live today from Work Life in Dunsborough, and today my special guest is Mel from Cape Events. Hey Mel.

Mel: Hi.

Nicole: Hello. So, the reason that we've jumped on live just quickly, I was actually at a seminar with Mel today. Weren't we? We were all learning about some things in business. But, I said to Mel, "Hey. You know what? You are the perfect person to answer a question that I've had that's coming from our group, from the Getting Married Down South Group that we've got." And, it's in regards to a lady posted on there when she come into the group, and she said to me, "You know what Nicole? One of the things that I find frustrating at the moment is when I'm trying to plan my wedding down south is that I have to go to so many different suppliers to find the stock that's needed."

Mel: Sure.

Nicole: Because Mel and Jamie have a business in the down south region. How long have you had Cape Events down here.

Mel: Ten and a half years.

Nicole: It was Cape Marquee’s first.

Mel: It was Cape Marquee’s, and we rebranded last year to Cape Events.

Nicole: Yeah. So, I said to Mel, "You know what? You are the perfect person to answer this, because you're into the industry. You work here. You've been here for such a long time. You're a local supplier." You know what's up. Give us a bit of a reason Mel. Why is it that as a bride, you're gonna have to go to different suppliers to find some of the stock that you need?

Mel: Mainly because a lot of the businesses, they can't just stock everything. It's expensive to buy all the equipment, and you've gotta have so much, because there's so many events down here that you've gotta cater for, so many different styles, weddings. It could be corporate. It could be music festivals, anything along those lines. So, you have to be able to supply such a broad range of stuff. And, if you haven't got the facilities to hold all that equipment, it makes it really hard. That is why there is so many different other businesses in the area that have lots of different things.

Mel: Our thing is dark furniture. We like our dark furniture. Whereas other businesses have the whitewash furniture, and there's some of them have the natural colors like the cane and things like that. There's just such a broad diversity of styles that, and everybody wants something different. Nobody wants the same thing. So, I think if from a business point of view, it's hard to be able to have the funds and the space to stock everything.
Nicole: Yeah. And, that's a great answer, I reckon, exactly what they said. And, weddings, from us, we've been in the industry for over 10 years. You know, it's funny, because the other day I had a massive clean out in my cupboard, and I was going back through some old bridal magazines. And as I was looking, there's some styles that still stands. But a lot of styles do change. Also, every 12 months, what comes into fashion is different as well.

Mel: That's right.

Nicole: Do you know what I mean? Like, at the moment all at the back there there's a macrame hanging. So, at one stage you'd see macrame everywhere. Do you know what I mean?

Mel: Yeah. That's right.

Nicole: As a stock business, each year you might sell out stock that you think hasn't been hired for the last couple years. Let's get rid of that, and because now everyone's trending towards this, because Kim Kardashian might of got married and all of a sudden, she's having a wigwam on a bridal stick. I don't know. So, it makes it really hard. It's a hard business to always have every piece of stock. But, within the region, there's a lot of people.

Mel: There is. Yeah.

Nicole: And, they work well together.

Mel: Yeah. We all work together. If we don't have something, we're happy to source it. We can ring up other people and say, hey have you got this. Or, generally we know what everyone's got, because we're all at similar jobs at the same. So, we can see what everyone has, and it works really well.

Nicole: And, I know. I've seen jobs that you've done, Mel, where you've supplied the marquee and the dance floor. Then someone else might've supplied this and that. So, as a bride, how could I in regards to what Kirsten's asking and saying, how can I ... then if I don't ... because when you're planning a wedding, it's time. It's effort. It's money. It can be anxiety, stressful. The rest of it comes. How can I then eliminate some of that in the factor with the region? What can I do?

Mel: I think the best way to start is to get a list together of everything that you are looking at and want to have at your wedding or your event, and send that through to an event company, and say to them what can you supply? And, if you can't supply everything, can you source it for me?

Nicole: Yeah. I think that's the tip. So, if you wanna cut the time down on what it is you're actually needing or would like, go to that company and say, "What can you do on this list?" And, then say to them, because generally what will happen too, I think within the local market is that they know, and they've seen, because they're out all the time. They've seen what other people bring. And, they also have relationships with other people, because at the end of the day they're wanting to make sure that they can help supply the bride and groom or whoever's is having their event in the region.

Mel: That's right.

Nicole: They work very closely together, and that's another good thing, too. Working close together in the region, because we're in Dunsborough today. Margaret River is what? Twenty minutes away from us Busselton is fifteen. So, if something goes wrong, or something happens they're only down the road to go back to their workshop and pick up another piece of item. If your like, oh no. I've got 10 more people are coming or you get there the day before and the setup's happening, and you're like, you know what? We only ordered 50 chairs, but you start discussing with your partner and you're like, that's just not gonna work.

Mel: Yep. Absolutely.

Nicole: At least, with a local company, the one thing that they can do is they can run back to the shed or workshop or wherever and grab another 10 chairs.

Mel: Absolutely. The beauty of it is, we're only at the end of the phone as well. So, if it's the following day and you're like, Oh damn. I need this. Or, I haven't got this. You can just get on the phone and call, and we'll just drop it off.

Nicole: Yeah. That's it. So, there's the benefit. I hope that answers that question. If you have and you're looking for a lot of stuff, speak to one supplier. See what they can do. And, they may be able to go out and source for you the other equipment, because they will know. And, if they don't know, what generally happens, and I know with Coast Country Weddings, is that we have for our clients a private Facebook page. And generally like Mel has done before, she put a question in there and said, hey, I'm looking for gray linen. Then, say, Charmaine from Ferguson Valley Events of Jody from Southwest Events Studio, they all can come in and say, hey I've got that. Or, I've got that. Or, so-and-so's got that.

Nicole: All of a sudden we're working together to make sure that we can give it exactly what it is you want. So, that's a great benefit to how you can get around that. I hope that, that question, or sorry, that answer helps answer your questions, because at the end of the day that's what we're here ...

Mel: Yeah. Definitely.

Nicole: Local Southwest businesses to help yourself get married in our beautiful region.

Mel: Yeah.

Nicole: Isn't it.

Mel: Definitely

Nicole: Thanks so much for joining me, Mel. Thank you to you for joining me as well. Where can we find you Mel for people who would be looking for some event hire services in the region?


Nicole: Excellent.

Mel: Beautiful.

Nicole: Have a good day.

Mel: Thank you.

Nicole: See you guys.

Mel: Bye.



Soucing Hire Gear through A Range of Different Suppliers

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