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Wedding Centrepieces - Light Ideas

Flower themed centrepieces

As night time falls over your wedding venue you turn on these centerpieces and what a great effect these lights make to a wedding centerpiece.

Idea ONE
New twisted willow battery operated fairy lights

At Last flexible willow with battery operated Fairy Lights.
A simple yet stunning way to add flare
to your centrepiece or use as a stand alone.
Add Orchids- Crystal Drops-Shells on ribbon
or theme to suit the occasion. 
With or without flowers



Idea TWO
Submersible Floral Lights
With a Twist of the Wrist you can Create Magic!The Floral Submersible Lights are Waterproof!These wonderful little Lights which are the size of a 20 cent coin,can go every where you couldn’t go before without messy power leadsJust think of the Possibilities!!!Drop into a Vase- Votive – Floral Arrangement-Highlight Awards – Bouquets – to create Stunning Centrepieces.


 Light Battery operated fairy lights
There is nothing quite like the tinytwinkle of fairy lights. Now you can add themto your Centrepieces with Flowers, Branches Feathers or just Crystal Pearls!
AVAILABLE IN Single String of 20 LED white bulbs 2 mtrs long transparent wire.  Bulbs are 10cm apart.Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included)4 String with 12 white LED lights per string, each string is 2 metrs long with transparent wirefirst string starts 50cm from battery pack




Crystal Pearls

From Tiny Beginnings to a Spectacular End!!One tiny 16g packet will make 2Ltrs or 8 cups min of fascinating Crystal Pearls – Just add water & one Submersible LED Light and its Done!

You can even colour your pearls with food colouring
1. Add water to a large jug at least 2 ltrs
2. Add food colour of your choice mix well
3. Add your Pearls that’s  it!

These Crystal Pearls can be used over & over again and will keep in air tight container for up to 12 months just by topping up the water(Pearls take approx 8-10 hours to expand to the size of a 5 cent piece)COST EFFECTIVE & SPECULAR!


Tips to making your own Light wedding centerpieces

  • Keep it Simple. If you arent a creative person, you will be best off using simple centerpieces. It is amazing how much time it takes to make 12 wedding centrepieces if you are not used to it.
  • Be Organised . As with all wedding planning it pays to be organised.  How will you transport the centerpieces to the ceremony and reception on the day of the wedding?
  • Practice. Have a practice run before the day. The morning of your wedding is no time to be experimenting with new light designs.
  • Guest visibility. Try to make your centerpieces at a height that your guests are going to be able to see across the table.

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