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Tips on Bus Hire for Wedding Guests in the Southwest of WA

Normally when we think about hiring a bus for guests it's for accommodation pick up to the ceremony location, then to the reception and then back to the accommodation or drop off points. But wait, there are more ways buses can be used for your wedding.

Hello from sunny Busselton, where I’m talking with Leanne from Gannaways Charters & Tours a local bus company about the advantages of using a bus company for guest transport. It wasn't until Leanne and I were well into the interview did I realise why a private bus transport can be used for so much more than just the wedding day but also for the lead up to the day and after.

This video goes for 16 minutes so watch on and learn, though if you are a little time poor here are few quick pointers from Leanne under the video.

Why is it a good idea to bus guests around?

Number one reason would be safety, most of the guests will be enjoying a drink or two at the reception so having an organized skipper is the way to go to get everyone back to their accommodation safely

Also lots of wedding venues have limited parking and prefer guests to be transferred by bus.

Having guests brought in by bus can also reduce the risk of delays waiting for people to get there. A majority of guests are not from the South West area so may not have knowledge of the area or even have their own transport while in town.

Gannaways often bring in international wedding guest from the airport down to the South West Region and then follow on with the wedding transfers.

We have 26 coaches in our fleet ranging from a 7 seat Limousine – mainly used for the bridal party up to 57 seat coaches.. We find that usually 78-80% of guests will use the coach transfer service provided.

How does it work Leanne if I have guests all around the region in different accommodation how do you get them all picked up?

Gannaways will work out your itinerary for guest transfers once we have the ceremony and reception times.

We allow up to 5 pick up locations within our quote and we can provide recommendations to brides the ideal central locations for each area to encourage their guests to stay depending on where their wedding is being held.

Once we have the ceremony and reception times we can work backwards to setup pick up times for each location for the bride to advise her guests.

We can always quote on more locations however we suggest to keep the time that passengers are on the bus as short as possible to keep everyone happy.

Avoid boutique areas as it can sometimes impossible to get a coach in to pick them up and can also add a long period of travel time to the other guests.

What about late guests how do you get them on the bus to leave?

Prevention is better than cure in this scenario. We work in 2 ways with brides to ensure guests have options for getting on the bus on time.

The bride can nominate a contact person to take care of who is getting on bus and at which stop. They also become the point of contact for our drivers.

The other options as that we setup the pick up locations and advise the bride that the coach will not leave each location until the designated departure time.

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