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What you need to know about Grazing Boards with Hide & Feast

I met with Tess the owner of Hide & Feast this yummy grazing board business in Busselton and we talked about how wonderfully received this food trend has been embraced for weddings, not just here in the Southwest of Western Australia but all over Australia. I have to admit grazing boards are one of my favourite ways to eat. A little bit of this and that I love it.

So lets meet Tess from Hide & Feast in this latest video interview and below we have shared a few more frequently asked questions. Enjoy..



Would you like to know a little more?
Here are some FAQs for you.

Grazing Boards:
1. What is a grazing table and how does it work?
A grazing table is exactly as the words suggest - a long table filled with grazing type foods such as cheese, cured meats, olives, fruit etc. Hide and Feast use a lot of local produce from the Margaret River region and presents it on a number of cheeseboards that have been joined together. We also create multiple layers of food for an incredible visual effect.

2. What kind of events do you think a grazing table can be used for?
Anything that involves food really! Typically we’ve been doing a lot of weddings, this includes the morning of, after ceremony, day after celebrations. We also do parties, baby showers, hens parties, brewery tours. So there are a lot of different ways you can incorporate grazing boards.

3. What kind of foods can go on a grazing table, do they have themes? Like Savory and sweet?
So our base menu for your cheese grazing boards includes; variety of cheeses/ cured meats/ dips/ focaccia/ olives/ crackers/ fruit and veg sticks/ nuts and confectionary. Mainly all savoury with a few sweeter items.  We do also breakfast grazing boards, so they include croissants/muffins/scones/fruit bread/ bliss balls/ fresh fruits and other seasonal items.  And lastly we also do dessert grazing boards as well, so all different kinds of sweet items. Such as chocolates, donuts, cakes, brownies, lollies, cookies, macaroons etc.

4. So if I wanted to book a grazing table the things I need to tell you is I have to give you my date, location and then tell you how many guests I am having. Is there anything I need to intially tell you when I inquire?
Any dietary requirements and what you are wanting to use the grazing board for, like whether its for an appetiser or main meal.

5. What types of weddings do grazing tables suit?
All weddings - as they can be used to graze on, after the ceremony, and can be left there throughout the night for people to nibble on. Or, if you are having a cocktail party we can bulk up the graze to make it more substantial as the main meal for the night.

6. When should the grazing table be served after the ceremony?
We require 1-2 hours to set up the grazing table so can always time it in with the ceremony so it’s ready to go once the ceremony is finished.

7. Do you think a grazing table is a more budget friendly alternative then canape service? Can grazing table style food replace a reception meal?
I definitely think grazing boards area a great alternative to canapé service, and can be more budget friendly as well. The great thing about gazing boards is that it can just stay there, and people can come and go as they please!
I think that if you add other items to grazing boards it can also be a replacement for sit down meals. People don’t realise how full you can actually get off cheese and crackers! But other items you could add would be salads, roast meats, finger foods such as bruschetta, quiches, chicken bites etc.

8. How much food is generally left over from one of your grazing table’s at an event? And if food is leftover what do you do with it?
Most of the time people do a pretty good job of getting through everything, as we do try and cater to a tee so there is not much left over! But when there is we don’t like waste, so we can always pack it up for our couples to take home with them OR transfer it to smaller plates so they can keep eating it later on.

9. How long can the grazing table be left out to eat. The reason I ask, say you served it after the ceremony and it didn’t get all eaten. Then guests head off for the reception we eat our main meal, have a dance gets to later in the night starting to get a bit peckish can we eat the food later?
As a guideline we recommend around 3/4 hours as that is food safety standard depending on location. We always would like to be setting up under shade or cover, aways from the sun and outside weather.
And then would you stay to pack away to reserve later? How does this all work or is this not suitable?
So we set up prior to event to have grazing board ready for a certain time, and normally we leave and depending on what we have arranged with the clients we either come back same night (if its before 10pm) or we come the next day to pack up/collect our items.

10. What reaction do you get from people when they see a grazing table?
I think every single one we’ve done the reactions have been very positive and they are always very happy with what we provide for them!

11. Do you suggest the items on the grazing table or does the client do this and then you add input to bring it together.
We have a list of what we include on our grazing boards on our website and then can work with the client to add any additional items that they request.

12. So last question on grazing table I have 150 guests what style of grazing table is a good all-rounder with what types of food and how much is this going to cost. Is it per head of person?
Yes for large groups it is a per head cost, but we need to know what the grazing board is being used for; main meal, after dinner snack etc. So we can quote correctly!


Hide & Feast also provide special hampers/services for wedding days & weekends . . . .
- Grazing hampers that are perfect for before the wedding when the bride/grooms are getting ready/hair and make up done. We deliver these on cardboard trays so nothing has to be collected the next day and we can do breakfast hampers or cheese hampers. So these can be done in the 3 types of grazing styles we do cheese/breakfast or dessert range.

- Down South Hampers that include all your breakfast essentials to get your wedding weekend started. The hampers include locally sourced woodfired bread, bacon, eggs, butter, museli, yoghurt, milk and fruit and can be delivered to your accommodation so it’s there when you arrive.

And then there is the incredible experience of having a fully set up Bell tent, filled with sumptious edible delights . . . .

Proposal Tent:
1. Tell me about your proposal tent idea how does this work?
We have a couples tent that we can set up at Meelup Beach or on a private property for a romantic picnic or proposal. We style the tent and supply a locally sourced grazing board for two.
2. Do you have to stick around until the couple arrive before you can leave?
We always stay and watch the tent (so no seagulls steal the food!) but are not visible when you arrive as normally it’s a surprise for the partner. We are happy to stay and take photos at the clients request.

Bell Tent
1. Tell us about the bell tent events and what they are best used for?
The 6m bell tent can fit 15-20ppl and are best used for hens parties, birthday celebrations or corporate events.
2. Where do you set up?
At Meelup Beach or on private property.
3. What do you provide?
A styled bell tent, grazing board for 15-20ppl, esky, ice and water, Bluetooth speaker.

If you would like to hire Hide & Feast for your occasion please look them up here Hide & Feast.


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