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How to get to The Aquarium at Canal Rocks Yallingup

If you would love to visit a secluded coastline natural pool then the Aquarium between Smiths Beach and Canal Rocks in Yallingup is a must visit. Bring your bathers, snorkel, googles and experience this natural water wonder in the Southwest.

There are two ways to get the Aquarium at Yallingup.

1. Either from Smiths Beach far carpark past the Smiths Beach Resort.

2. I went from a carpark just 1km down the road from the Smiths Beach road turn off on Canal Rocks Road on the left hand side just before you get to Canal Rock and it was a 500metre walk. So that’s the way I’m going to show you because the one from Smiths Beach is about 1.5km and if it is anything like the short distance. No thanks I’m not going that way. If you go past the yellow 60km sign then you have gone to far.


If you’re heading here get here early as this is now the new beach hot spot. When I went it was school holidays around 9.30am and the carpark was already packed with cars, mind you it could only fit about 6 cars in the area for parking. We had to park on the road side.

Just note this is a rocky pathway to get to this natural aquarium so if you are rickety on your legs then sorry to say this is not the walk for you. Definitely not wheelchair access that is for sure.


Just note there are no toilets here so if you have to go you will either have to do a bush wee, hold on or head down to Canal Rocks to use the toilet block down here (that is an experience in itself with long drop toilets, the smell was disgusting on the day we went here).

We headed off with our comfortable shoes, backpacks, snorkel, googles, towel, water and snacks. As you head into the carpark go right and you will see a track to head down. Not far along the way there is a viewing platform with a chair, I could have sat here for an hour and enjoyed the beautiful view out of over the ocean.

Follow this all the way until you come to this clearing of rocky land and turn left and walk down to the beach. You will see people on the beach and know you have made it to the aquarium. Don’t keep walking past this rocky clearing as many people do that and you have gone too far. This area is the emergency entry way. So you will know it when you see it.

Just note the lagoon is deep, it is miss leading when you get here because you think it is on a reef which it starts off this way and then it drops away. Also be mindful that fish are swimming in here which are beautiful to see but know that poisonous ones are swimming in here as well.

On a beautiful day it is such a pleasure to visit and I hope you enjoy visiting it as much as we did.

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Nicole Liedermoy

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