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I Do Drive Thru Weddings Southwest

Australia’s First Ever Drive-Thru Wedding Service Speeds into  the Southwest of Western Australia with Southwest Weddings with Nikki and Mr Mustang Hire.

Wedding biz, ‘I Do Drive Thru’ Goes Global! ‘Would You Like Vows With That’?

The innovative business offers car-based elopements which work well to support Covid-19 restrictions such as social-distancing and smaller numbers at weddings.

Since launching in Victoria on 8th April 2020, I Do Drive Thru has grown quickly with interest both around Australia, and also worldwide!

Today, the innovative start up opens here in Western Australia and simultaneously in ‘Wedding Capital of the World,’ (Sin City,) Las Vegas! With Kirk Kirk Goodsell for Perth Weddings and Nikki McCarthy for Southwest Weddings.

drivethruweddings 1

Local Southwest celebrant Nikki McCarthy will represent the Southwest brand, which offers affordable, ‘Vegas Style’ weddings via the website which rocks a definite ‘old-school, 50’s’ feel - with a modern twist. Prices start at just $400.

The couple arrive at the designated location via Mr Mustang Hire. Nikki meets the vehicle and the short ceremony is conducted whilst the couple remain inside the Mustang car. Paperwork and certificates are passed in and out of the windows, rings are exchanged, and back-seat smooching is highly encouraged.

Iconic locations around the South West beaches - from Busselton to Eagle Bay, will provide a stunning back drop for the local roll-out. Couples can be married at a number of beautiful locations listed on the website, or at any parking spot they feel would suit their own drive up experience. Alternatively, there is (what they call) the ‘reverse drive thru wedding’ where a celebrant can come to the couples own home and perform the legal marriage in their own driveway.

I Do Drive Thru offers couples a wedding experience like no other in Australia, with unique photos to match. The team are partnering with photographers and car-hire companies. They’re thrilled to be able to support wedding businesses when so many large-scale weddings have been cancelled or postponed.

The short ceremonies can be live-streamed direct to family and friends via the I Do Drive Thru website, allowing family and friends to get in on the action.

I Do Drive Thru, with the tagline, “Would you like vows with that?” was dreamt up by Mel Jacob, Celebrant and Entrepreneur, as a way to keep working under the restrictions.

Mel said “Even in a time of uncertainty love still exists and people still need to celebrate. There is still every reason to commit to marriage. Imagine looking back on COVID 2020 with the fond memory of getting married in this unique way, then having the big celebration with family and friends to look forward to, down the track.”

Celebrant’s and co-founders, Klara McMurray, Zena Lythgo and Kate Morgan came on board to help Mel get the business up and running in record time.

"At this time, the ability to be married is still an essential service. Now more than ever it is important to be able to advocate for your partner in medical situations, ensure visas aren't put in jeopardy and avoid any unnecessary conflict around wills and estates." Zena Lythgo, Celebrant

“Since our world took a really strange turn, the wedding industry and all its clients have suffered a massive shake up to their plans. A need has arisen to offer legal weddings with personality, whilst maintaining a high level of fabulousness. I do Drive Thru answers that need.” Klara McMurray, Celebrant.

“In the end, love always wins – it will always find a way. I Do Drive Thru is just what’s needed here in Australia and it seems, around the world. We’re both thrilled and fascinated with the level of interest we’ve received. Who knew at the start of lockdown that we’d be launching a new wedding business in Las Vegas less than two months in?!” said Kate Morgan, Celebrant.

In a recent study published in Marie Claire, the average Australian wedding costs $53,158. The I Do Drive Thru’s packages start from only $400.

To find out more, head to the website I do Drive Thru or contact local suppliers Southwest Weddings with Nikki or Karen and Vince at Mr Mustang Hire.

Images supplied by Mr Mustang Hire.


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