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Wedding Day Time Capsule

submitted by Pia Fogerty Amelie Designs


Personalise your centrepiece with some wrapping paper

A keepsake that can be viewed by all your following generations. A simple tin decorated to reflect your special day, that holds momentos from your wedding celebration. If you buy a large enough tin (4lt), it can also double as your Wishing Well at the wedding.

Craft tin (avail from all small & large scrapping stores)
Paper & card from your wedding stationery
Jewelled buckle
Strong double sided tape
Small sharp scissors


Step 1

On your computer open Word, Publisher or Photoshop.
Create a Text Box and type in the details of your wedding day (names, date, etc)
Create a border around this text box

Step 2

Print and carefully cut the label using your guillotine

Step 3

Carefully measure the height of the tin. Cut a piece of backing paper (card will be too heavy) slightly larger than this measurement

Step 4

Place the cut piece of paper against your tin, and in tiny increments, go back to your guillotine and cut the piece down until it fits the tin perfectly (this uses the old fashioned adage of measure twice, cut once)

Step 5
Placing the paper against your tin, gently hold and then rub your pinky finger over the area where the latch is. This will create an indent that you cut then cut out with your sharp scissor. Remember the rule of cutting less than you think, so that you can go back to cut away more if need be

Step 6

Place the strong double sided tape on the tope and bottom edges of the tin, and along the width of the tin in 10mm increments. Remove the backing paper from the tape

Step 7

Lining up the top edge of the paper to the tin, carefully place and then rub horizontally the perfectly measured piece of paper. Smooth the surface with side of your hand

Step 8

Measure and cut the ribbon, so that it will go around your tin +10mm

Step 9

Using the ruler and pencil, measure from the top of the tin down towards the base and make a mark at 50mm. Make at least 6 marks like this around the entire tin

Step 10

Place the buckle on the ribbon

Step 11
Laying the ribbon on the tin, Work out where you need to slide the buckle so that it is on the front of the tin. You need the end of the ribbon to meet at one of the rear corners (rectangular tin) of at the exact rear (circular tin)

Step 12
Put double sided tape on the rear of the ribbon

Step 13
Remove the backing paper from the double sided tape and very carefully place the ribbon onto the tin. DO NOT PRESS HARD

Step 14
Check that the ribbon meets at the same place and then check that the ribbon is evenly place from the top of the tin. Remove and move if need be

Step 15
Decorate the front of the tin with the label you made on the computer

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