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Wedding Fan Stationery Set

submitted by Pia Fogerty Amelie Designs


Although this may seem a lengthy process, once you have mastered just one fan you will find making all the others a piece of cake. These instructions are also detailed, so that makes the design look more difficult than it really is.

The best thing about this design is that you resize the pdf and the document to make invitation, place cards, thank you notes, table numbers, seating plan, bonbonniere tags, . . . . .


Download the Pdf design of the fan CLICK HERE
Paper of your choice - max 115gsm
Backing card for each fan – 250gsm or more
Spare card for handles (if you require)
Good quality scissors
Guillotine or rotary paper trimmer
Strong double sided tape
Computer with Word
Quality printer


fan_project_3Always practice your design on regular photocopy paper first

Step 1 Open Word and create a new document.
Step 2 Make it A4 & Landscape view
Step 3 Set the top margin at 3cm from the top
Step 4 Set the bottom margin at 11cm from the top margin (i.e. total height of the printable area of the document will be 11cm)
Step 5 Type details of the ceremony
Step 6 Import pdf outline of the fan
Step 7 Resize the pdf, if necessary, to fit over the wording
Step 8 Print
Step 9 Using guillotine or rotary trimmer, cut the straight lines of the fan.
Step 10 Using sharp scissors, cut the scallops at the top of the fan. Hint – try not to open and close the scissors. Try instead to glide the scissors around the curve of the scallop while slowly squeezing the scissors closed
Step 11 Place a decent amount of double sided tape to the back of the cut out fan
Step 12 Adhere paper fan to heavy card stock
Step 13 Using the cutter and scissors, repeat the cutting actions from steps 8 & 9, leaving a 5mm border
Step 14 To reinforce the handle of the fan you can cut another piece of card to attach in-between the card and paper
Step 15 Your beautiful fan is now a unique ceremony document and a fan for your wedding guests if the day is warm

** If you are not confident to cut a consistent border of 5mm yourself, then print a slightly larger size fan pdf (onto paper), cut it out, then use it as a stencil on each piece of backing card

** If you have card stock heavier than 250gsm, you will not be able to use scissors to cut. Instead you will need a sharp craft knife and a self healing cutting mat.


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