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In the spirit of the day…

You think you have dotted the I's and crossed the T's in planning your wedding.

But then you get to the day and realize that you forgot to organise this or that, or, you might have found something extra a few days before the wedding, like bunting or candles, that you'd like to include.

A member from your family or bridal party will often ask a supplier "in the spirit of the day you wouldn't mind doing this would you?"
Well, you have to expect to pay for these extra services, what sometimes looks like a 10 minute job can often be an hour or more! One example that is often forgotten about is the cutting of the cake. You need to organise either your caterer or venue to do this job, and ask them in advance. Asking catering or venue staff to cut the cake as they are cleaning up and about to leave is fine, and they will usually do it because they have a reputation to uphold as an excellent service provider, so they will go above and beyond for you. But, you really should pay for this service if it wasn't discussed and paid for before-hand.

In the emergency bridal kit article I've written, one thing I have added is to take extra cash with you on the day. So if a little job needs doing then you can then pay the person something for their effort. Asking them to do it "in the spirit of the day" is not ethical. This person is running a business not a charity. So please have some thought for them too! Or they won't be around for long to offer their great services to other brides & grooms.

Article by Editor - Nicole Mallett

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