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Please think before writing a review - you don't want to get sued!

I visit different social media sites to keep an eye on what's going on. One thing that has really stood out to me lately are negative reviews and comments by brides who are sharing their stories regarding wedding vendors not fulfilling their promises.

Can I just give you a big warning: please stop and think about the wording you use when giving your side of the story. If you don't, you could be heading straight towards a defamation suit. Don't laugh. If you don't have your facts straight, and proof of an agreement, and you get carried away when sharing your story and say something that contravenes the Defamation Act then you could be in real trouble.

I have written articles before about getting what you have agreed with your wedding suppliers in writing. If your vendor will not put it in writing honestly I would not work with them. It is far too risky and you have nothing to back you up if the worst happens and they don't deliver.

Should the occasion arise where you want to rant and rave about someone (and we do understand that sometimes you can be really let down by a business and you are upset and want to have your say) then you need to protect yourself! DON'T, DON'T, DON'T let loose on your Facebook page or any social media page. I know you are thinking it is only between friends, it is not.

I have my own story to share about this issue. A person I had friended on Facebook had friended a person with a problem and because they decided to rant and rave on their Facebook page and the other person made comments it ended up on my newsfeed. For days this person went on and on all I could think was, not smart, not smart at all. I never made comment I just watched from a distance as I did not know the person nor was directly friends with them, so I couldn't just pop up and say 'best you have this discussion in private'. I will say that eventually one of their friends said they should not be saying what they were and they should stop and remove any of the content from their page. They did.

Apart from Facebook, I would even say that you should think about the wording you use to text message or email a wedding vendor, as this can be used against you as well. We're not saying don't provide feedback, we're just saying that you should think before you write!

If you feel you haven't been given what you asked for, then go back to the person/business concerned, in a private forum, and point out where in the contract they have not fulfilled the scope of work agreed upon. Should the problem still not be resolved then you can contact your local ombudsman and go through a formal complaints process.

I understand that we live in a world of sharing comments on everything, and that you want to help your friends and family make good decisions about what businesses they use, but think before you speak, otherwise you may be eating those words and letting go of thousands of dollars in court.

Here is a relevant article from another source that is a great addition to this article:The Guardian

Article by Editor: Nicole Mallett

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