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It's THE Wedding dress

It's THE Dress
A few years ago I was reading through a bunch of Real Life Weddings, and when each story would get to the part about choosing a dress the bride would always say something like "I knew it was the dress when I tried it on I just cried and so did mum." In my head I'd be like, "WHAT?! It's a dress, I'm sure you have tried on a few, honey did you not look hot in another dress?" It wasn't until I went to a bridal store to try on wedding dresses for myself that I got it. Initially I was very particular, I told the attendant "I don't want a traditional wedding dress I would rather a nice coloured cocktail dress, red preferably as it looks good on me".

I didn't bother looking through the wedding dresses at all just through the bridesmaid dresses. So I've tried on a few different styles and pretty soon I'd found one that I thought "Yep that's nice, that'll do." So I'm all done, picked the dress, thinking to myself "Well that wasn't hard, one shop, a couple of dresses and I'm done." Then the attendant just stepped out for a moment and while she was gone I thought "I'll just have a look at her wedding dresses what harm can be in that?" So then the fitter has returned to seen me looking and said "Do you want to try on something" I'm like "They're all pretty aren't they" and she's like "Try this one on, I knew you were coming so I looked around for something to suit."

So there I go, I strip down to knickers and bra again and slide into this wedding dress thinking "just for the fun of it". I turn around to face the mirror and I'm like "THAT'S THE DRESS" I was completely gobsmacked with the whole WOW, WOW, WOW factor. I was 100% sold. Then there I am, hands on checks, excited like a little kid. Don't want to take it off! Once I have eventually calmed down and planted my feet back on the ground I asked how much it was. I worked out it was the normal price most girls would happily pay for a dress, but more than the original cocktail dress. But I was cool with that.

So, I get it now, I finally get the whole "It's THE Dress" moment.

The one thing I did when I went to try on dresses, is that I went by myself. I didn't take anyone with me or tell anyone I was going. And you know what? I think that was truly a smart decision. Just because I wasn't influenced by everyone else's opinions, it was just me and the bridal attendant. Which leads me into another point - your bridal attendant sees women, day in day out, getting into wedding dresses. While I understand you have probably viewed many different styles of dresses over the internet and have firmly picked something out, try to give your bridal attendant the opportunity to share their advice or show you something they think will suit you. You just never know they may pick something you are completely blown away by.

Good luck!


Photo by John Kuppens Photography


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