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How far in advance did you buy your dress?

We asked this question of our 3000+ Facebook fans: "How far in advance did you buy your wedding dress relative to the date of your wedding?"

With 14 brides responding to our post, with some vastly different amounts of time given, the average amount of time is 13 months. The shortest amount of time was two weeks before the wedding, and the longest over three years, with one bride buying her dress before she was even engaged! Online shopping has opened up the market and made it much more flexible for brides to leave things to the last minute. Here are the responses:

Stefanie: I'm ordering through wedding dress express online as there aren't any wedding dress shops in my area. I got a deal for my wedding dress and three bridesmaid dresses, my wedding is in September and I'll have paid for them by the end of May to allow delivery, and alteration time.

Sarah: It's been 9 months already and I've got 2 years to go but I had it made so thought it would take longer than it did!

Bianca:10 months, but I won't get it until 6 months till the wedding

Sharon: Hmmmm over 3 years, have had to postpone twice

Yvette: 19 months ... 4 months after we were engaged..

Gemma: 2 years

Jessica: 6 months

Kristy: 12 months to the day! But it had to be made.. once that was done, and all alterations were done, I think it was about 2 weeks before the wedding that I got to bring it home.

Sandi: 2 weeks

Claire: 8 months!

Amiee: 3 weeks

Amy: I bought my dress just before we got engaged like a year and a half ago and we still have no date set yet.

Roseanne: 6 months, it was the third dress I've ever tried on.

Roni: 10 months