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Behind the Scenes: Gannaways Coaches

I headed to the Gannaways office (a Busselton based coach business that do plenty of down south wedding transfers) to meet the owner and manager Mr Ray Gannaway. He hypnotised me with his incredible business sense and commitment to service delivery, if I had to describe him in one word to someone like me who runs a small business it would be "inspirational".

He started his coach business in 1997 with two school buses. Now he has 22 coaches and 30 staff but is still so down to earth and committed to the initial principle on which he started his business, which is top notch customer service. Their motto is "people make the difference". Weddings really became part of the scene in the early 2000s when Ray saw that there was a growing market for quality transport services for weddings.


He feels that transporting 50 guests for someone's down south wedding is just as important as the big international acts like Michael Buble that require Gannaways to shift 5000 people in one night. He and his staff pride themselves on meeting and exceeding expectations every time, they know that someone's wedding really is the most important day.

The rapport between the staff was really lovely to see when I visited and they are all proud of what they do. Ray tells his bus drivers they are not just "bus drivers", they have a really important job, and then do when you think about it! Your guests have to be picked up at the right time, transported safely, the driver has to be friendly and help to create a good atmosphere on the bus so that when your guests arrive to your reception they are ready to celebrate...Ray and his staff do everything they can, from the initial booking all the way through to the day, the best wedding day experience possible for you.

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There is also a strong family feel to the business - for example his daughter has taken over their social media and website design. She is already very busy - Ray has a huge folder of hardcopy testimonials that need uploading to the site! The family business feel translates well across to weddings, which after all are about formally bringing two families together for the first time. Ray says "for weddings you have to do it right the first time because there are no second chances!"

He says "The wedding market & industry down south is just huge and we have to look after the people who come down for it. The biggest threat to the industry is complacently which breeds poor service." So Gannaways actively counters that by being the best at delivering service, Ray is really conscious of this. He said "the bride and groom need to know that we'll just be there and that we'll do what we said we'd do, and more. We can be the last thing on their minds for them to worry about because they can rely on us to go above and beyond for them on the day."

For more information on the services that Gannaways provide please click HERE.

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