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Expensive DIY lolly buffets...say what?

So we just got off the phone to a bride in Perth planning her wedding at a venue up there...she is doing a DIY lolly buffet, bringing in everything herself, but the venue is still charging an additional $5 per head for it. We asked our Facebook followers what they thought and here is the responses.

BW That's ridiculous how can they justify that? Weddings cost enough as it is

LE Wow yeah how do they justify that!? Totally wrong.

NC Very unfair! Its hard to keep costs down as it is, hence the reason she is probably taking everything herself.

EP Geeees thats a bit harsh

HH Weddings= 100% mark up!!

KN This is the kind of thing that makes me panicky about my wedding and angry at 'wedding culture'. Ulgh.

CJ So what's the $5 per head for that they are charging then?? That's a bit rough... I know some places charge a small amount per head when it comes to cake because they supply the plates and then clean up but seems like the won't be doing anything for this lolly buffet so there shouldn't be a charge

EG That's terrible, as soon as you mention the word wedding the start seeing $$$

AB That's alot! I'm only getting charged $1.50pp

NB I certainly do (think it is a bit harsh).

MW Ridiculous!!!!

JK Very unfair!!

MW Robbery

CO That's a bit rich

TW Bit of a rip off I think

CH Harsh

JF A venue should only be allowed to charge for this IF you are not having a dessert and it takes away from their ability to make the profit they are entitled to! If yiou chose no dessert, BYO lollies is cheeky but as an addition it should be no charge

AS That's ridiculous! She should definitely fight that one! What a joke!

TL I'm paying an extra $1.50 per person for a lolly buffet at my wedding when the venue isnt doing anything (it's DIY). I queried the cost, and they advised me that as lolly buffets tend to get "messy" there is the surcharge...

KB But that's like charging $100 for a table for a cake to rest on. It's bloody ridiculous but unless you argue the point and start saying wth they'll keep making stupid money of weddings.

SH The business is there to make money.... If you choose a lolly buffet over desserts then yes they should charge a SMALL fee as they are losing out.. It's like hiring a venue asking them to cater and bring in your own pizza because you don't like what they have... Business is business.. but $5 is too much

AE If they have to supply the table and table cloths, any rubbish removal, clean up spilt lollies at the venue, provide utensils, refill the jars etc, then some kind of surcharge is expected...but $5 per head!!!!! That's just plain robbery!..I'd be strongly negotiating that! Good luck.

JS It's like a corkage fee but yes they've lost out in selling a desert & this is their way of making it up

AD We got charged a corkage fee of $5 per bottle of wine at our venue as we didn't use their wine and provided our own

It's interesting to see that some of our readers got past the "that's ridiculous" stage and thought about WHY the venue would do that. We personally think $5 is too much but that some small charge could be made, like to cover corkage, if the venue is losing out by not serving dessert. What do you think? Feel free to add your comments below.

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